Sell Your Book as an eBook Download

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Have you finally finished your first book and you want to get it out to the world? Getting a publisher to promote your book can be tough, especially when you are an unknown author. But that doesn’t mean you can’t start selling your book on your own. You can publish your book by yourself and sell it online as an eBook download.

Creating an eBook Download

Tablets have made eBooks a popular way to read books on the go; it is convenient and often less expensive to buy an eBook download than a printed book. The good news is that you can make your own eBook download of your book at home on your computer. Using a simple word processing program like Microsoft Word, you can reformat your book into the right size for reading on a tablet. Then you can save it in PDF format so it can be sold online.

eBooks should contain the same elements as a printed book, including an enticing cover, title, content and copy right pages. They just need a smaller format than standard documents so that the pages are easier to read on a Kindle or iPad. Once you have your book reformatted and saved as a PDF, then you can begin selling your eBook download over the internet.

Marketing Your eBook Download

Once you have your book in digital form, you need to start marketing your book online. If you think this is too difficult to do alone, you may be right. It does take some technical knowledge to set up your own shopping cart, payment processing and digital delivery system. That is why you need a professional eCommerce service like

To get your book marketing and sales off the ground, start by enrolling for a service like PayLoadz that will handle setting up your shopping cart, payment processing and secure delivery of your eBook download to your customers. You can even sell your book right on’s digital store. Once you are enrolled, you can use it to facilitate sales from your social media pages, website and on any site where you can list your book for sale. If you use PayLoadz, they will help connect you with affiliate marketing partners that can expand the exposure for your eBook, leading to more sales.

Don’t wait another minute to begin making money on your book. Sign up for an eCommerce service like and start selling your eBook download online.

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