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Selling with PayPal can be extremely beneficial provided you know how to go about it.

PayPal is probably the most well-known and used mode of payment in the online world today. Most e-commerce websites’ preferred mode of payment is through PayPal. Similarly, if you ask anyone who shops on the Internet which payment mode he uses, he is about as likely to say PayPal as he is to say credit cards. Any e-commerce website worth its salt on the Internet should support PayPal payments.

If you plan to set up an e-commerce business, you need to establish a system that allows you to sell with PayPal. There are primarily four ways through which you can sell: PayPal thank you page, PayPal enabled auto responder, special password PayPal website service and PayPal compatible digital product marketplace.

PayPal Thank You Page

One of the oldest ways to sell with PayPal is to set up a simple thank you page that will be made available to a customer as soon as he pays for a digital product. While this method is effective, it also creates a new problem: Thank you pages usually have a static hyperlink that the customer can easily share with others. A single sale can result in many future sales being rendered void.

PayPal Enabled Auto Responder

An auto responder, if enabled with PayPal, can act as a decent digital product delivery system. As soon as a customer pays through PayPal, the auto responder sends an email, which carries the digital product as an attachment or has instructions for downloading or getting to the digital product. Various auto responders are available on the Internet and can be set up with a website by a semi technical person.

Special Password PayPal Website Service

A method that many online entrepreneurs prefer is to use a PayPal e-commerce website service where the third-party service provider ensures each download has a unique password, registration key or serial number.

In this system, the customer, after having paid for the digital product on PayPal, is sent a product key in his email and is taken to a Web page specially created for him. The customer is required to enter the product key and download the digital product. The Web page is deleted after a certain amount of time to prevent others from downloading the digital product without paying for it.

PayPal Compatible Digital Product Marketplace

It is also possible to sell with PayPal by creating an account with a digital product marketplace provider like Digital product marketplaces provide a good platform for any entrepreneur who wants to sell digital products with PayPal. These entrepreneurs already have an established customer base—people interested in buying all kinds of digital products. Such marketplaces, in most cases, have elaborate services such as digital product delivery systems and secure transfers and storage systems that can come in handy if you plan to sell with PayPal.

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