Sell Video Games to Corner the Indie Market

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You have the know-how and strong ideas it takes to create successful video games, but lack the backing of a major development company. While this can initially seem like a frustrating position, you’re actually uniquely placed to profit off the rapidly expanding indie market. Today’s gamers aren’t just teenagers with expensive consoles; they’re everyday smartphone users and casual PC players. With this growing interest in relatively simple, quick games comes a unique expansion in the indie market to sell video games. The very elements that are so appealing to casual players, like simple game play and easy accessibility, are the things independent developers have been restricted to without major financial backing. To corner the indie market and sell video games, all you need is a strong product and the willingness to promote yourself.

Establish an Online Presence

The first step of marketing your indie video game is establishing an online presence. This will help you to not only identify your target audience during the marketing phase, but also to be a recognizable face in the independent industry. Start visiting indie video game forums, join social networking groups and participate in discussions. While you’re taking these steps to build your online presence, you’ll also be privy to some valuable market research information. Listen to what players like and what they don’t like about current games. Identify common problems or complaints, and find a way to address them in your own game. You’ll be able to start your first project with an insider’s understanding of what makes indie video games great.

To Sell Video Games, Make a Great Product

You can easily crank out a simplistic game which may sell a few units, but word of the poor quality will quickly spread. Not only will this dramatically reduce sales of this game, but also tarnish your personal brand and negatively affect performance of your next product. Be prepared to offer exceptional customer support, and avoid the temptation to cut corners in order to quickly produce a lackluster title.

Identifying your target demographic is also essential. Do you want to cater to casual gamers killing time at an office job, social media gamers, or dedicated gamers? The kind of game you develop and the way you market the finished product should take this audience into account.

Finding a Place to Sell Video Games

Indie video games and their creators are faced with the challenge of marketing and selling their games without the support and promotion of a major developer. Your title won’t be hitting the shelves of a brick and mortar store, so you need a great content delivery service to ensure timely access for customers and provide reliable payment processing. Services like handle hosting, payment processing and content delivery, leaving you free to focus on marketing, customer support and development of future titles.

With stellar customer service, strong marketing, a great product and reliable content delivery systems, you can make money and sell video games for a great profit without the support of a major developer. Taking advantage of this growing indie market can help you realize your dreams, especially when you have a strong sales plan in place.


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