Sell Software: No Developer Experience Required!

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Hardware might be responsible for making your computer operate, but the right software is essential when it comes to completing tasks. Almost everything you do, from entertainment to productivity and work-related tasks, relies on at least one program, which is the reason why software is one of the most popular digital products for sale on the Internet. While many marketing professionals may have a desire to break into the world of online sales, most are also under the misconception that they must become proficient developers in order to add software to their product offerings. Actually, it’s entirely possible to curate a profitable catalog of software product offerings without ever designing a single program.

Selling Software: Licensing and Distribution Rights

Just as there are marketing professionals with the drive and skill set required to sell software online, there are also skilled developers with no inclinations or experience related to marketing. Partnerships between such parties are surprisingly common, which typically include either a one-time payment for distribution rights or an agreement with profit-sharing percentages for each successful sale.

As a marketing professional, you can find great programs with minimal sales support, and form a lucrative partnership which allows you to legally obtain either partial or complete distribution rights. You can sell software, earn a profit and start building a potentially successful business without spending years polishing your developer skills.

What You Need to Sell Software Online

Any successful online business specializing in digital goods will require the same basic tools and services in order to thrive:

  • content hosting
  • payment processing
  • order fulfillment
  • marketing and promotion

There are myriad options which specialize in each of these vital areas, but it’s almost always simpler and more efficient to streamline operations as much as possible. Consolidating these crucial tasks can be as simple as choosing to work with a reputable and reliable ecommerce service, like A great ecommerce platform gives your buyers access to secure payment processing through trusted names like PayPal and Google Wallet, along with instant download access through automated order fulfillment. As a seller, you’re able to host your content safely while taking advantage of tools which help to boost overall customer satisfaction, as well as accessing valuable marketing and affiliate network services.

By finding high-quality, unrepresented programs and building a reliable online marketplace, you can start selling software online to make a profit and build a lucrative business. Don’t let your lack of developer experience prevent you from taking advantage of a promising business opportunity. By networking with developers and creating a reliable sales system, you can become an online sales success story.

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