Sell Software, Even with No Developer Experience

Software Marketing

What do your computer, your smartphone and every other high-tech device you own have in common? They all require specialized programs in order to reach their full potential. Even the most powerful computer system is largely useless without software, making this one of the most potentially lucrative sales choices for enterprising new entrepreneurs. If you’re a talented marketer with the desire to start your own online business, you don’t have to be a developer or software designer to make money selling software. All you need is the right partnerships.

Building the Partnerships You Need to Sell Software Online

If you want to sell software without the ability to create your own products while staying on the right side of the law, you need to acquire the rights to programs you want to sell from the rightful owners. Every individual agreement will vary, with some granting unlimited licensing in return for a bulk sum up front, while others are built around a percentage of profits. You’ll need to form a partnership with a developer who’s willing to share or sell their distribution rights before you ever get started on the marketing and sales aspect of your new venture.

Once you’ve completed this step, there are still some other crucial relationships to build. How many and how much they’ll cost in the long run is up to you.

Partnering with an Ecommerce Solution to Sell Software

As an online merchant, you may choose to align yourself with an expensive and highly skilled website designer who can build a website capable of handling payment processing, file hosting and content delivery. This will create a substantial start-up expense separate from any fees you’ve paid to license or acquire the distribution rights to your products.

Or, you can limit your spending in the beginning in order to form a business which reaches earlier profitability. Contrary to what you may believe, you don’t have to sacrifice quality, dependability or professionalism to save thousands of dollars while streamlining your new venture. Ecommerce solutions like integrate payment processing through trusted names like PayPal and Google Wallet with secure file hosting, automated content delivery and access to valuable marketing tools. These services also all but eliminate the need for daily maintenance and upkeep, allowing you to focus more of your time on marketing and promotions.

With the right relationships, you can sell software while earning a profit with no developer experience required. All you need is the help of a dedicated ecommerce service, and a willingness to promote your new venture.

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