Sell Ringtones as a Pay Download

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Do you find yourself wondering how you can get in on the digital sales revolution happening online? With no shortage of buyers from around the world, digital merchants who specialize in selling downloads are turning a tidy profit. Managed correctly, a pay download business comes with limited overhead and operating costs, and can become profitable almost instantly. For some, the best way to break into the online sales industry is to sell ringtones.

What You Should Know Before You Start to Sell Ringtones

People love to personalize their belongings, especially smartphone devices. Custom themes and wallpapers aren’t the only way to put a personal stamp on a phone, though; ringtones are still a popular choice. This creates a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs, but one which also comes with a few considerations.

The most popular products for merchants who sell ringtones are sound bites which are easily recognizable. This means not only pop culture references, but also snippets of popular music. Unfortunately, these sounds are generally off-limits to the merchant who’s just starting a business venture. In order to legally sell ringtones or any other digital product, you must hold distribution rights to the content. The average beginner won’t be able to secure the latest Top 40 hits, but that doesn’t mean selling downloads is out of the question. Enterprising merchants can work with up and coming independent musicians to turn their songs into ringtones, or create a product from sounds they are legally entitled to use. The options are numerous, though necessarily limited by copyright and intellectual property laws.

This isn’t the only consideration for new merchants, though. Once you’ve determined how to create a sound clip designed to sell ringtones, you’ll need to make sure you have a system for selling downloads in place. After all, you can’t become a successful online business figure without an operating storefront.

Selling Downloads the Easy Way

You can spend a small fortune on expensive websites which require heavy maintenance just to meet your needs, or you can save your money to purchase licensing rights by opting for a more reliable, less expensive system. Dedicated ecommerce platform services like take almost all of the daily work out of managing your business, freeing up your time for product development and marketing. Payment processing, automated content delivery, secure file hosting and access to an affiliate network are all combined under one virtual roof, for one low price.

Don’t let your dreams of earning money online fall apart before your business ever gets off the ground. Choose economical, efficient web store hosting options which eliminate the need for maintenance, and focus your energies in more productive directions.


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