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Beyond selling different versions of programs online

You need to establish a customer base to sell programs. One way to increase your customer base is to sell multiple versions of your software. You can also incorporate other techniques for successful online sales of any program you have to offer.

Distribution of Software Trials

Old school mail is an often overlooked but potentially effective method. Since you need to create a trial version of your software for download on your site, you can send it out through the mail, too. Establish a list of addresses, and send out your trial version. You might want to sell programs online only, but think about sending a trial version via CD to your family and friends. If it’s good enough, they might share it with their friends or ask where their friends can get a version. This helps you establish a mailing list. Using your website for newsletters and contact information with an opt-in to distribute mail also helps you gather names for your mailing list. A trial version sent via mail isn’t considered spam. Let the people you mail to know through your newsletter that the trial version is also available online where you sell programs. They might want a digital version, too.

Trial Versions of Programs

It’s essential to have a trial version online. Limit the amount of time customers can use it, and limit the features. Give customers an idea of what they get by purchasing, but don’t give away the whole thing for free. Trial versions also help your word-of-mouth marketing. Allowing people to use the program for 30 days is a good amount of time. A week is often not long enough.

Promoting Programs for Better Online Sales

Services and platforms are available to help you promote the software program you want to sell. Use more than one avenue to start to get your name out there. Go with one platform you can trust. A place that allows you to set up your own website when you sell programs is best. This leaves the control in your hands but offers you a chance to use any marketing, shopping cart and storage space the service has. When you partner with affiliate companies like PayLoadz, you share your profits. By doing your own marketing, you keep the entire profit yourself.

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