Sell Products for Free

Sell Products for Free

Some people may tell you that it’s expensive and complicated to sell products online. That’s just not true! There are plenty of ways to sell products for free online that are also easy for anyone to use. Options are available for selling physical and digital products that require no membership fees or setup fees.

Sell Products for Free on Classified Ad Sites

Craigslist is the most well-known classified ad site. There is no cost to place a for-sale ad through craigslist. Other copycat sites are popping up on the Internet. The exchange of funds and delivery of the product are left in the hands of the sellers and buyers through these sites, just as they would be in a print classified ad, so make sure you receive legitimate payment before you deliver goods.

Etsy for Crafters and Artists

Etsy has become the e-store of choice for crafters and artists. The biggest stipulation for creating an Etsy sales page is that your items need to be handcrafted, not manufactured. You’ll find jewelry, quilts, pottery, paintings, clothing and all manner of craft items for sale on the site, and you’ll find vendors from all over the world. There is no charge to set up your Etsy page, which can showcase all your items with images and detailed descriptions. The only fees taken by Etsy are when you sell products. Etsy then gets a percentage of your sale price, but the setup and use of the site’s online storefront are free.

By building the transaction fees into the price of your product and being sure to cover shipping costs in your delivery fees, you will be selling your products at no real cost to you.

PayLoadz Express for Digital Items

If you want to sell digital items like image files, PDF files, eBooks, music, videos or software, offers a paid and free service for selling your digital products through a link to its e-store. The free service, called PayLoadz Express, has some limitations compared to the paid service but is simple to use.

The main limitation with the free service is that you cannot sell more than $50 worth of products within a 30-day period to maintain your free account standing. This makes PayLoadz Express perfect for someone just getting started or who only expects to sell products occasionally and for small amounts. All you need to do is set up your free account and upload your product file. PayLoadz provides you with a link that you can use on your website, blog or in emails. When customers click on the link, it takes them to your product in PayLoadz, and PayLoadz takes care of processing the payment and delivering the download link for the product to your customers.

You can easily sell products free from any upfront investment on your part, and it isn’t complicated.

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