Sell Pictures with Total Independence

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Does the idea of using a microstock site to sell pictures leave you a bit underwhelmed? If watching your work become lost in the shuffle on a massive stock photography site isn’t your idea of sales success, why not start your own online business? When you choose the right tools and services, it’s easier, less expensive and less labor intensive to get started than you might think.

Sell Pictures the Smart Way

Investing thousands of dollars into your online business venture isn’t just unnecessary; in many cases, it’s actually unwise. The more money you spend to get started, the more product you’ll have to sell in order to simply break even. Reaching profitability can become a challenge in these situations, and those expenditures can be easily avoided if you work with cost-effective sales systems to sell pictures.

Dedicated eCommerce platforms like make it easy to save money from the very beginning by consolidating and streamlining your entire operation. Rather than investing heavily in a custom website, you’re able to turn a free blog site or a low-cost template site you build yourself into a sales portal. Payment processing systems trusted around the world, like PayPal and Google Wallet, are seamlessly integrated. Your files are hosted securely, while automated order fulfillment ensures your customers recieve access to the files they’ve purchased with no intervention from you. When you’re not forced to monitor sales alerts around the clock in order to ensure timely download delivery, you’re able to eliminate the margin of error and the likelihood of poor customer service feedback. Your system is built to help you sell pictures successfully and efficiently; high-quality service providers will even help you boost sales by providing built-in marketing tools designed to exponentially increase your reach.

Using Marketing Tools to Sell Pictures

How often do you ignore banner ads and sponsored social media posts? If you’re like most people, you typically don’t pay close attention to ads in your newsfeed. Even in the global network of the Internet, word of mouth can be one of the most valuable marketing tools at your disposal. eCommerce platforms with built-in affiliate networks help you harness the power of word of mouth marketing, all without an upfront investment. Rather than paying for risky marketing which may or may not pan out, why not take advantage of a system you pay for only when it’s effective?

When an affiliate’s efforts result in a sale, a small portion of the proceeds from that particular sale is automatically diverted to them. This means you only pay for marketing when an affiliate helps you sell pictures, and you never have to gamble with prepaid ads. Explore your eCommerce options today, and get your business off to a strong start sooner than you ever thought possible.

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