Sell Photo Files, No Microstock Site Required

Digital Product Photography

What’s the one common thread connecting advertising copy, blog posts and news articles online? They’re all comprised of text blocks, anchored by visual images. Stock photography is one of the most popular digital products in the online marketplace, simply because there’s such great demand for fresh, new images. Whether your clients are high-powered corporations seeking to add images to their web copy or beginning bloggers looking for ways to add visual interest to their work, you have the potential to reach buyers around the world with your work. While microstock sites do specialize in helping photographers to sell photo files, they also act as a middleman while curbing your control over your career. Selling your digital products in your very own web store is a better option by far, and it’s easier to get started than you think. You don’t need an expensive website designed by a highly paid professional, or the ability to manually process credit cards. All you really need is a reliable eCommerce platform and a free blog site or cheap template site you build yourself.

Tools and Servies to Sell Photo Files Successfully

While you’re able to easily bypass the costly website and large startup investments associated with launching an online business by choosing the right tools and services, it’s of vital importance you have certain capabilities. For instance, you can’t earn money if you can’t collect payments, and you can’t make a sale if your customers don’t feel comfortable completing their transactions. This is where a payment processing system like PayPal or Google Wallet becomes essential. You’ll also need secure file hosting, along with a method of automating download delivery. Today’s online buyer demands instant access to the files they’ve purchased, so you can’t monitor sales alerts in hopes of quickly sending out a download link. Fortunately, a high-quality eCommerce platform like seamlessly integrates trusted names like PayPal and Google Wallet, while also providing the file hosting and order fulfillment you need to succeed. Best of all, these systems are inexpensive and easy to manage.

Since it’s difficult to make a sale if your target audience doesn’t know your brand exists, you’ll also have access to built-in affiilate marketing systems which help you boost the signal without spending a small fortune on risky prepaid ads. All told, these systems create a more efficient and more effective system than managed microstock sales while allowing you to control each and every aspect of your brand.

Sell Photo Images with Better Marketing

Prepaid ads are expensive, and they’re not guaranteed to work. In the end, you’ll spend the same amount of money whether your ads generate a thousand sales or none at all. This is where affiliate marketing is the superior option, especially for merchants just starting their journey in online sales. Connecting you with marketing partners who essentially work on commission, these systems help you make more sales without spending more money. In fact, you only pay for this style of marketing when it works, because you share a small portion of the proceeds from sales generated by an affiliate with that affiliate. You’re able to sell photo images more reliably, at a greater profit margin. Get started today!

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