Sell PDF Books

Sell PDF Books

You can make extra money if you sell PDF books from home. Anyone who wants to write a book can sell it online. It does not take an English or writing degree to sell books. All you need is some writing ability, a computer that has software to create PDFs and Internet access.

Types of PDF Books

You don’t need to be a great novelist to sell PDF books. Many short, informational books sell well on the Internet. Don’t charge a fortune to sell PDF books. If the book sells for $1, but you sell hundreds or thousands of the download, it can be profitable. Consider these ideas on the types of books you could write:

How-to booksEveryone has some special skill they could write about. How-to books are simple and easy to write. You don’t need a huge vocabulary or to be a great novelist to write one.

Short storiesThese can be fun to write and are typically good sellers. Start your own series of books with main characters. This way, if the customers like them, they might buy the next book in your series.

Humor—A funny collection of jokes or anecdotes can be entertaining to write and might sell books. Everyone enjoys a good laugh!

How To Sell PDF Books

Get ready to sell books. You can write them in any format, but to sell, PDF is the format you will want to convert the books to. Once books are in this form, you can sell books online. You need a few other things to get started:

Launching site—To sell PDF books, you need some type of website on which to put them. Sell them through eBay or other third-party sites. Create your own site, social media page or blog.

Digital delivery—You need a way to deliver the product once you sell books online. You can find ways to perform this on your own, or you can use a digital delivery service that will do it for you.

Payment—You want to be paid for your product. Many digital delivery services, like, take care of this for you as well as deliver your book safely and securely.

Once you have a way to make everything happen, you are on your way. To be able to sell PDF books is not difficult, especially if you enlist a digital delivery service.

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