Sell Music: PayPal and a Great Ecommerce Platform Can Help

Sell Music Downloads Online

As the music industry continues to change, the old roads to stardom are becoming more difficult to traverse. Fortunately, it is possible for any talented and determined artist to harness the power of the Internet to sell music; PayPal and a strong ecommerce platform can make it easier than ever.

What You Need to Know to Sell Music: PayPal Doesn’t Work Alone

What began as a service of the online auction powerhouse eBay has become a phenomenon in its own right. These days, PayPal is one of the most popular and trusted methods of getting paid and paying for services online. While many burgeoning musicians understand the power of PayPal and know it plays a significant role in online sales, what many don’t realize is that it doesn’t work alone. In order to successfully sell music, you’ll need to supplement the payment processing services offered by this financial industry giant with a great ecommerce platform.

PayPal does process payments, making it easy for consumers to purchase goods online without divulging their sensitive financial information to the strangers who happen to be selling a product they’d like to own. What PayPal doesn’t do, however, is offer a centralized marketplace to capture the interest of browsing customers, automate content delivery or serve as a source of potential marketing. As today’s online consumer becomes more and more accustomed to obtaining their digital goods immediately upon completing a transaction, artists and marketers who sell music online are forced to keep up with their demands while simultaneously reaching out to new potential customers and tracking sales history. This is where an ecommerce platform like becomes a necessity.

How Ecommerce Platforms Make Selling Music Easier

Your ability to be successful in online sales is dependent upon not only the quality of the product you offer, but also the quality of customer service you provide. Even if you’re responsive to customers and go the extra mile to make them happy, though, your reputation as a merchant can and will take a hit if you’re forcing your customers to wait for manual order fulfillment. This especially holds true for online merchants who specialize in selling music, as there’s certainly no shortage of independent acts competing for the same listeners you’re hoping to court.

An ecommerce platform streamlines the daily operations of your online business. While you’re putting the finishing touches on a new track or promoting your next show, your service provider is processing payments through an integrated system which works seamlessly with PayPal, delivering digital purchases to your customers instantly, and even working as a marketing agent through affiliate networks.

If you choose the right ecommerce platform, one which includes affiliate network access and PayPal integration in addition to automated content delivery, you can sell music to listeners from around the world, even when you’re not there to monitor sales alerts.


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