Sell Music Online Without iTunes Support

Sell Tracks Online

The landscape of the music industry has changed drastically in the last decade, with physical record sales continuing to decline as the popularity of MP3 files steadily increases. One of the most popular music marketplaces on the Internet, Apple’s iTunes store, generates a substantial percentage of overall music sales around the world. For budding artists and independent musicians, getting music into the iTunes store can seem almost as difficult as landing a major label deal. Still, iTunes isn’t the only way to sell music online. With a basic understanding of ecommerce options, independent artists can sell music and build a fan base outside of this major marketplace.

What You Need to Sell Music Online

First and foremost, you will need a product of reasonable quality in order to sell music. After all, you can’t sell songs to new listeners if you have none recorded. After you’ve created at least a small body of work, it’s time to start exploring all of the ways you can sell music and expand your audience reach without ever gaining entry into the iTunes store.

Some of the greatest benefits of the iTunes store are the ease of access, secure payment processing and instant download delivery offered by the retail giant. These features are highly convenient, and they’re by no means exclusive to the iTunes store. The key is to find an ecommerce platform, like, which also offers payment processing through trusted sources, automated content delivery and placement in a consolidated marketplace.

How to Successfully Sell Songs on the Internet

To start building your audience and generating a profit from the sale of your music, you will need to be dedicated to self-promotion and marketing. It’s important to take advantage of ecommerce platform features like HTML linking, which allows you to use a copy-and-paste code to turn your social media profiles, blogs and band website into a reliable sales portal. Working with an ecommerce service provider which offers access to affiliate networks as an additional service can help to expand the scope of your project beyond your organic reach, leading to higher sales figures and greater profits.

You don’t have to struggle to get your music catalog into the iTunes store in order to successfully sell songs. Instead, focus more on building your audience through your own marketing efforts, retain greater percentages of your sale profits and complete creative control over your catalog by making the choice to manage your own online sales.


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