Sell Music as a Collaborative Effort: Work with Video Content Creators

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Even the most talented unsigned musicians know it’s not always easy to break into the business of selling songs. While most musical artists would prefer to sell music directly to their listeners, this will require the building of a fan base. One way to establish your brand identity and start amassing a following of fans is to work with other artists. By teaming up with video content creators and supplying the soundtrack to short films or instructional videos, you can reach an entirely new audience while making money from your work.

How to Sell Music to Video Content Creators

In order to start selling songs individually or as a full album for film scoring or soundtrack purposes, you’ll need to first establish a presence in the online marketplace. Because you’ll also be busy reaching out to these video content creators, it’s a good idea to work with a system which facilitates instant download delivery and seamless integration with the most trusted payment processing services, like By building your store with the help of a reputable ecommerce platform, you’re able to streamline operations and allow yourself more time to work directly with video content creators whose work matches up well with your own.

Because the ideal end result will also see your business taking off and your project gaining new fans through film or video exposure, you’ll also want to ensure your online marketplace is accessible to your new fans as well as future collaborators. By starting your business off with an established store, you’ll ensure you’re ready for the sales rush and increased demand for your products after a video for which you’ve provided music is released.

Marketing Tips for Selling Songs

While the desired end result will be selling songs directly to your fans, your first priority is reaching your potential fan base through video content. This means not only seeking out the creators of streaming or downloadable content, but also securing a partnership. This is where networking skills and tenacity are valuable traits, as you’ll need a certain measure of determination to accompany even the highest quality musical product.

While social media and even online message boards can be a valuable marketing tool when you’re actively targeting video content creators, you’ll also want to start courting your new fans as soon as possible. By choosing an ecommerce platform solution which includes not only automated content delivery and secure hosting, but also access to a powerful affiliate network, you can take an active role in working to reach potential listeners which would otherwise be beyond the scope of your own organic efforts. Combining the power of affiliate marketing with the visibility of video content, you can start selling songs, making money and building a fan base easier than you might think.


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