Sell Images as Stock Photography to Jump Start Your Online Business

Sell Photos

Do you love to take photos on your iPhone or digital camera? If you are a shutterbug, that skill could be a great way to jump start your online business. Selling images or stock photography is a great way to earn extra money and begin building a customer base online selling digital goods. The great news is it takes very little money to get started and almost anyone can make money selling images online.

How to Sell Images Online

Obviously to begin selling stock photos online you need to create a library of images you can sell. You may already have a cache of photos that are ready to sell. So what types of images do people buy? In a nutshell, almost anything. Every time to see a print ad, a brochure or a website, you see stock photographs that most likely were purchased for use. Some of the most popular subjects that are sold as digital images include:

  • Pets. The pet industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and there are many pet business owners that need photos of dogs, cats, birds and other pets. Pet stores, groomers, trainers and kennels are just some of the businesses looking for stock pet photos.
  • Scenery. There is always a need for beautiful scenery from all over the world. It doesn’t have to be the perfect sunset or sunrise; it can be a boat on a lake, a desert scene or a camp site. All have value to the right consumer or business.
  • Holidays. Many businesses have sales events surrounding the different holidays of the year. From big retail holidays like Valentine’s Day and Christmas, to smaller days like Fourth of July or Memorial Day, many businesses are looking for photos for advertising their special events.
  • People. People are in high demand for stock photos, from families enjoying a pizza to wedding photographs. However, you may need permission to use a person’s image so make sure you are legally allowed to sell any photos you have of other people.

Once you have your images, you need to be able to sell them online. This means you must have a website to sell them on, plus you must have a payment and digital delivery system. If this sounds complicated, it does not have to be. The quickest and easiest way to jump start your online business selling images is using an eCommerce service.

An eCommerce service can handle the payment and digital delivery portion of your new online business. Sites like give you an online store to sell images, plus they offer secure payment and delivery. You pay a small fee for the service and they help you sell your images. If you do start your own website or social media pages for your business, you can use this service to handle all your digital image sales, linking your sites to your eCommerce service.

Stock photography is one of the easiest digital products to get started selling online. With the help of an eCommerce service, you can get your online business up and running in a few days.

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