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Google Checkout is an option for processing the payments from your customers, whether it’s music, eBooks, software or digital images that you want to sell. Google Checkout is quickly becoming a serious competitor, even though PayPal has been the standard for online sales for years. It is an option you don’t want to ignore when considering which payment processing vehicle to choose for your online transactions.

Below is a comparison of the two popular shopping cart options:

Payment Options

Your customers can use a debit card or a credit card to process payment with Google Checkout. Most customers use one or the other to purchase items and services online. PayPal, however, provides a broader selection of payment options. With PayPal, you can cover your payment with your PayPal account balance itself, a credit card or a debit card. You could also have the payment drawn directly from your savings or checking account. You can process the payment as an e-check through PayPal. If you believe you need that kind of payment diversity for your customers, select PayPal over Google.

Currency Options

If you are located in the United States and aren’t concerned about selling your product internationally, Google Checkout provides you with adequate service with its U.S. only criteria. PayPal, however, is accepted in 55 countries and processes funds in U.S. dollars, Canadian dollars, the euro, the yen, the pound and Australian dollars.

Refunds and Dispute Resolution

You usually don’t realize the value of refunds and dispute resolution until you need to use them. PayPal and Google have different policies in this area. Google Checkout offers a 100 percent refund guarantee as long as you file your dispute within 60 days of the transaction date. PayPal offers fraud protection for transaction amounts over $50 only, and many unsatisfied customers have complained about its inadequate dispute resolution service.

Service Fees

Both Google Checkout and PayPal shopping cart services charge fees based on amount of sales processed through their services. PayPal has different percentages for each level of sales, ranging from 1.9 percent to 2.9 percent, plus a 30 cent per transaction fee for certain transactions. Google Checkout charges a straight 2 percent of sales plus 20 cents per transaction. Besides the potentially lower fees, your Google Checkout account is tied to your Google Adwords account, so your revenue from Google Adwords can be applied to your Google Checkout fees.

Both online shopping cart options provide adequate services for most U.S. vendors and are rated highly for their reliability and security. It is just a matter of determining which one fits best with your particular business. With PayLoadz your customers can use either payment service.

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