Sell Ebooks Online

Sell Ebooks Online

As eBook readers and dedicated applications for smart phones surge in popularity, the opportunity to self-publish your novel, poetry collection or instructional tome is larger than ever. Instead of facing a sea of rejection slips from traditional brick and mortal publishers or incurring the staggering expense of printing a small run of books yourself, technology has made it possible for you to sell an eBook online with minimal overhead cost.

How Do I Sell EBooks Online?

The first and most important step to claiming your own self-publishing empire is to generate content. Find a need that has gone unfilled or a subject in high demand that you understand, and write. After you’ve completed your project, here are some things to consider:

  • File Format – Offering your novel, instructional manual or nonfiction book in a variety of formats compatible with popular eBook readers and smartphone apps will broaden its reach and make it accessible to a greater number of people who wish to purchase your eBook online. While most tech-savvy users are aware of what format is suitable for their individual reader, you can boost sales by informing casual users which formats are supported by various readers.
  • Delivery System – Allowing purchasers to buy your eBook and to access their download immediately can increase sales dramatically. Much of the appeal of buying an
  • eBook online is eliminating the need to wait for its arrival by traditional mail or courier services. Reputable services such as can manage file delivery for you, further simplifying the process.
  • Marketing – Maintaining a blog or professional website that you can link to on social networking sites to promote yourself and your work is another way to help you sell eBook files. This method allows you to maintain a constant web presence. Remember, the product that you’re offering never needs to be restocked or replenished; an author can sell eBook downloads for as long as there are interested readers without ever incurring the expense of printing a second edition or working to get it onto the big box retailers’ shelves. You are limited only by your dedication to marketing and the quality of your content.
  • Know Your Subject Matter – Jumping on the self-publishing bandwagon as part of a “get rich quick” scheme by cranking out poorly researched, low-quality material is a surefire way to ensure that your product does not sell and that your personal brand—the name you publish under—is tarnished. Generating sales requires a commitment to quality and relies largely on word of mouth in such a vast marketplace. Be prepared to be patient and to build your earning power by establishing a proven track record of excellent content.

Making social media and networking sites work for you is another key aspect of self-promotion. Use all available outlets to attract the attention of potential buyers, and direct them to your online marketplace, blog or website to obtain your eBook. This can help you establish an online presence, while the quality of your work sells itself.

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