Sell Ebooks and Skip the Publishing Deal

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As an aspiring author, have you amassed a collection of rejection slips? It’s a rite of passage for every writer, but it doesn’t have to be the story of your life. These days, the major publishing houses are far less integral to authors’ success. Ereader devices, smartphones with dedicated apps and the advancing online market have created the ideal situation for self-publishing success. If you’ve ever wondered how you can sell ebooks while skipping the hassle of agents and publishing houses, you may be surprised by just how simple the sales process can be, even for a beginner.

Helping Your Ebook Sell Without a Publisher

There’s no denying that there are benefits to working with a publisher. Marketing becomes less of a concern, and you’re not tasked with the responsibility of managing your own sales processes. In return, however, you sacrifice creative control over your work and a substantial measure of the profits. For many authors, this trade-off simply isn’t worth the added convenience. This especially holds true for those who know just how simple it can be to publish, market and sell ebooks online.

You don’t need an expensive website to manage payment processing, content hosting or download delivery. You also don’t have to agree to exclusivity arrangements with proprietary marketplaces for ereader devices, like the Amazon Kindle store. You can retain control, place your ebook in those marketplaces and in your own webstore, because your own store doesn’t have to be impossible to manage.

All you need is a service like, which combines payment processing and automated download delivery with secure hosting and even marketing tools, like an affiliate network.

Sell Ebooks and Retain Your Independence

Just as a publisher will demand no small measure of control over your brand as an author, so will the self-publishing clearinghouses like the Kindle Store. That is, unless you choose a non-exclusive arrangement which allows you to still maintain your own web store. With an easily managed online retail operation, you can boost your earnings and build a dedicated following, all without the help of a major publishing house.

Don’t let rejection slips make your goals feel like impossible dreams. Become an independent, self-published author, and watch your ebook sell at a rate you never thought possible.

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