Sell Downloads Online Using Social Media

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The landscape of online sales is constantly evolving, and tools which were once considered essential are steadily becoming less vital. One of these tools is a branded website to act as a sales portal. While a business site can still serve as a valuable marketing tool and central hub of operations, it’s no longer such a crucial part of the actual sales process. With the support of the right services, you can actually start building your business in a manner which immediately encourages customer interaction and growth: through social media.

How to Sell Downloads Through Social Media

One of the most important assets for any modern business, both web-based and brick-and-mortar, is a carefully maintained social media presence. The average online buyer spends more time on social media than ever, and businesses who understand the impact of these sites are able to capitalize on the trend.

While social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have been, since their inception, an important tool for generating interest, they’re now acting as actual sales portals. Instead of linking your business website sales page to your social media profiles, you can sell downloads directly from social media pages with the help of a relatively simple tool set. Working with an integrated, comprehensive ecommerce platform like allows you to use a simple cut-and-paste HTML code to make every page you control a sales landing page.

Selling Downloads with Social Media: How it Works

In the past, web merchants have largely been dependent upon sales websites with built-in shopping cart software and payment processing capabilities. Managing these complex tools and ensuring their functionality required either extensive web design knowledge, or the services of a dedicated professional. Now, an ecommerce platform can handle not only content hosting and automated delivery, but also payment processing through a variety of popular, trusted sources and access to valuable marketing tools. Even more importantly, though, they also allow merchants and unprecedented level of flexibility within their own business models.

With a reliable ecommerce platform, you can turn any area of influence on the web into a sales portal. A single click takes interested prospective clients from your profile, blog post or status update to a product information and transaction facilitation page. Also, you’re absolved from responsibility for routine sales page maintenance and fixes, which allows you to save more time and money which could be better invested into your business. A personal business website can be a valuable marketing tool, especially when it comes with a user-friendly interface and a memorable URL. Still, it doesn’t have to be the place where orders are processed and fulfilled. Outsourcing these time-consuming and menial tasks allows you to not only save money in the long run, but also to focus more of your energy on building your client base and expanding your product catalog. With a great ecommerce system in place, you can start selling digital products through social media with ease.


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