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Anyone can sell downloadable files to make extra money from home. All it takes is a little time, a computer and Internet access. With so many people looking for products that can be bought online as downloadable files, there’s a great opportunity to make money.

What Are Downloadable Files?

Most people who use a computer, Kindle, iPod or tablet have bought downloadable files. These digital products are the wave of the future as more and more people buy online. Anything that was previously sold on a CD, DVD or in paper form can be converted into digital form and sold online.

Where Do You Get Downloadable Files?

Most people make their own downloadable files to sell, but others, especially those who want to sell large quantities, might buy them from people. Once people own the rights to a product like a book or song, they can sell it to people online. Once downloadable files are created, there’s no need to manufacture more. The same download can be sold repeatedly.

How Do You Market Downloadable Files?

Many online entrepreneurs start their own website from which to sell products. They market them through social media and other advertising outlets. Many websites, however, are dedicated to selling these products for others. EBay and other sites are easy ways to get products out to the world.

How Do You Get Paid?

The easiest and most efficient way to handle the payment and delivery of downloadable files is through a download delivery service like PayLoadz. What these companies do, for a small fee, is help sell and market products, provide a shopping cart application and a payment processing system, and deliver the downloadable files to the customer. This takes all the technical work out of selling online, leaving you more time to create and market your products.

For those looking for ways to make money at home, selling downloadable files provides a good opportunity. It costs little to get started and, in just a few days, you can get downloadable files for sale online.


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