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Choosing the right platform for success

Plenty of platforms that allow you to build your own website for your digital media sales are available online. They allow you to sell downloadable files. Although you don’t have to use a platform, it makes your life easier. You might wonder which site is best for this. The best site for selling downloadable files differs based on your needs. Once you understand the reasons to use a platform, you’ll be on the right path to selecting one.

What Your Platform Should Do for You

Any platform that offers you a way to sell downloadable files needs to be easy. It should be something you can navigate without much help. If you have trouble finding a feature or the feature doesn’t exist, this makes your online business difficult. What would happen if you want to provide a coupon for the downloadable files, but the feature is not a part of the platform? You couldn’t. If you plan to offer coupons, for example, choose a platform that allows you to do so.

A good platform also contains features over and above what you currently need. If you expand, you might need those features to reach a larger customer base, for example.

Reputation is also important. You probably shouldn’t choose a website platform that no one has ever heard of. Choose an established company that clients trust.

A platform that lets you decide which file formats you sell is preferable when you sell downloadable files. If you can decide what payments you accept, you should be able to link easily to your payment accounts and provide the best options for your clients—ones that make paying for files safe and secure.

Why Sell Multiple Downloadable Files?

You have a choice in selling downloadable files such as music, eBooks and videos. If you sell just one type of media, you can probably get clients; however, if you sell all three options on three different websites, you’ll likely gain a better client following. Digital media tends to go together. Just look at bookstores as an example: You can purchase books, DVDs, music and audio books in the same store. Selling multiple downloadable files operates under the same principle for success.

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