Sell Digital Videos

Sell Digital Videos

There’s a market to sell digital videos online, whether they’re small independent films or instructional videos. If you have a knack for the dramatic, selling digital videos online can be a lucrative way to make extra money from home. All it takes is some creative flare, a video recorder and computer Internet access.

Types of Digital Videos

Most people think of movies and entertainment when they think of videos, but many kinds of digital videos are sold online. Besides entertainment, people buy exercise videos and instructional cooking videos. Here are some more sample ideas:

Training videos—If you know how to do something well, make a training video. It could be how to do yo-yo tricks or how to create beautiful centerpieces. Use video to capture anything where a visual may help with learning.

Seminars—Inspirational or teaching seminars are used for businesses. Use your knowledge to create a video for learning marketing, sales or about computer skills.

Instructional videos—Create exercise or dog training classes, right in your home or backyard. They’re quick and easy to make.

Entertainment—Let loose your creative side and entertain the public. Create funny, silly, scary or dramatic videos; just make them enjoyable for people to watch. Magic shows, stunts and anything entertaining could be worth money online.

Once you find your niche to sell digital videos, think of the business side of selling online. You need to accept payment and deliver your product quickly and securely. For people just getting started, the best way to do this is through a digital download delivery company. These companies usually sell your video on their sites if they have a store. They can also provide you with payment processing and digital download delivery for customers who buy your digital videos on other sites as well.

Independent video making has become popular ever since YouTube was created, but why give away your art for free? If you sell digital videos for even a few dollars apiece, you can make a nice profit and sell them over and over again.

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