Sell Digital Scrapbooking Supplies as Digital Products

Sell Digital Scrapbooks

For graphic artists, even established professionals, finding ways to monetize your talents can present something of a challenge. While there are a plethora of options when it comes to creating digital products, one potentially lucrative area is often overlooked by artists who aren’t part of a particular hobby community: digital scrapbooking.

As more and more of the analog pastimes people enjoy emerge as digital options, content creators with their fingers on the pulse of emerging industries are well positioned to make a considerable profit. Learn how you can turn your graphic arts expertise into a thriving business, selling clipart and other images as digital products for scrapbooking.

How Does Digital Scrapbooking Sell Images?

If you’ve ever walked through an arts and crafts or hobby store, you’ve probably noticed that there are aisles upon aisles dedicated to the art of scrapbooking. Hobbyists shell out big money for everything from specialized papers to the perfect embellishments to create the perfect page layouts. While these scrapbooks serve as an ideal way to preserve memories and do provide a creative outlet, creating them requires a lot of money and physical space. These products must be stored and organized, then the end results must be preserved in order to prevent decay over time. Special adhesives and acid-free paper products alone can be expensive.

This is where digital scrapbooking can be a more convenient alternative. Instead of requiring an entire room or several storage bins to organize tiny embellishments, stickers and special paper, all a crafter needs is a graphics editing program and a sizable hard drive. This has become such a popular hobby that many graphic artists are making a healthy profit, simply by designing and selling digital scrap packs. This can be an ideal way for artists to earn money independently, by selling images and backgrounds specifically designed for digital scrapbooking.

How to Sell Images as Digital Scrap Packs

The most popular digital scrapbooking products tend to be comprehensive scrap packs, which include a variety of embellishments, elements and coordinating background papers. The individual pieces should all work together to complete a cohesive finished product.

Once you’ve chosen the themes you’d like to explore and completed your packs, it’s time to learn the ins and outs of selling digital products. In order to sell image collections and scrap packs, you’ll need a business plan in place which combines content hosting, automated file delivery and payment processing. It is possible to create your own system by choosing from a variety of specialized services, but the best and most effective option for most content creators and online merchants is a single, comprehensive service which streamlines the entire process. Total ecommerce platform solutions like combine all of these vital features with a host of valuable selling tools, making it easy for you to set up your entire online storefront in a few hours. All you need is a great product catalog and a willingness to promote your products. With a bit of planning, you can start selling scrapbooking supplies as digital products, making a tidy sum along the way to establishing your very own web-based small business.


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