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If you’ve considered going into business for yourself, but aren’t sure how to get started, consider selling digital products online. This provides a way to work from home, set your own hours and have the freedom that owning your own business provides. There are also fewer start-up expenses with a digital business than there are with a brick and mortar one.


What Are Digital Products?

Digital products are anything you can put into digital form. They can be documents, videos, pictures, books, music or anything you can see or hear. Many options exist, making this an attractive business format. Here are some ideas for digital products you can market:


  • Training videos:
  • If you have a skill—professional or leisure related—you could use that knowledge to create training videos. These video clips can be easily made for little cost.
  • Photographs:
  • If you are a shutterbug and love taking pictures, consider selling them online. Companies use photos in almost all their marketing, from websites to printed materials such as brochures, menus or printed ad copy.
  • Books and documents:
  • EBooks and documents on all types of subjects are popular digital products. Putting your favorite recipes together into a cookbook or creating a white paper on how to build a picnic table are examples of what you could create.



Getting Ready To Sell Digital Products

Once you’ve decided what you will sell, you need to have inventory, a website and a way to deliver the product. In comparison to a traditional business, it is easier to sell digital products, and you can do so right from home. 


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