Sell Digital Products with Your Social Media Friends List

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You have the digital products, the desire to build an online business and an understanding of the global reach available to you through the power of the Internet. Still, the sheer size of your potential audience can be overwhelming; how do you start reaching prospective customers from all corners of the globe with your marketing efforts? The answer may be closer than you think, within your existing social media friends list.

Using Your Social Media Friends List to Build Sales

Every online venture has to start somewhere, and the most logical place to begin is with people you already know. Start actively working to establish an online presence within communities relevant to your business plan. Connect with your new acquaintances within these communities through social media to expand your organic reach. When you start promoting your business venture, these are the people who have the potential to help spread the word. Through them, you have access to their social networking connections. Every shared status or retweet increases the visibility of your digital products, and helps to spread the word beyond your social networking friends list. There are also ways of encouraging your friends and followers to share your updates without bombarding them with your marketing techniques, thereby eliminating them.

  • Consider a giveaway contest when you reach follower or friend milestones
  • Offer discounts for followers who actively promote your digital products
  • Share interesting, industry-relevant information which does not directly promote your business
  • Engage your followers and encourage comments to facilitate conversation
  • Be part of your community, driving sales through customer service and brand loyalty

Moving Beyond Social Media to Sell Digital Products

While social networking platforms can offer an ideal point of entry for online sales, it’s generally not wise to rely solely upon these platforms to increase visibility. Your marketing plan should be multi-faceted and ready to grow with your business, which means you will also need to look for ways of expanding your audience reach beyond online social circles.

Affiliate marketing plans are one of the most reliable methods of reaching new clients without a large, up-front investment of capital. Essentially, you will be sharing a percentage of the proceeds from each affiliate-generated sale with the marketer. Affiliates typically get paid only when a sale results from their efforts, so there’s a built-in performance incentive. For a relatively small portion of the proceeds from each of these sales, you’ll be able to reach customers which may otherwise have been unreachable through your social media friends list and other promotional efforts.

All-in-one solutions for e-commerce like allow you to integrate affiliate marketing, payment processing and content delivery for a streamlined, efficient way to sell digital products. Promoting your business through a multi-faceted approach which includes customer support, affiliate marketing and content delivery can help you to increase sales while bolstering your brand image. Before you resign yourself to a limited customer reach and minimal success, consider adding an affiliate marketing aspect to your overall business plan.


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