Sell Digital PDF Files

Sell Digital PDF Files

If you’re looking for a way to make some residual income with little or no upfront costs, why not sell digital PDF files? Many people earn money selling PDF files online. All you need is a few ideas, the ability to put them into words and format the results in a PDF file. Here are a few examples of what kinds of PDF files people are selling:

Informational Reports

Short, informative reports can be one of the easiest types of digital files to sell. PDF files don’t need to be full-length books; they can be one-, two- or three-page reports that provide people with information on a subject that is of interest to them. These types of PDF files make great attractions on your website or to include as a special offer to your newsletter or email list.

Business Forms

Templates for frequently used business forms are another common PDF file that you’ll see listed for sale. Startup businesses don’t want to spend time reinventing the wheel. Providing contract templates, inventory tracking sheets and other files in PDF form can fill a need for others and can make some income for you.

Instruction Manuals

Providing general instruction manuals on software use, vehicle maintenance, small engine repair and a multitude of other topics can be other ways to share your knowledge and be paid for it. Printed manuals are expensive; you can provide the information and sell digital PDF files cheaper.

How-to Guides

Simple “how-to” instructions related to gardening, home remodeling, saving energy, sewing, crafts and any other do-it-yourself activity are big sellers. Sell digital PDF files that have step-by-step instructions and maybe include instructional photos.


Although you can search and find recipes for free on the Internet, there is still a market for unique recipes. Putting your family’s secret recipes in a PDF file format and adding a photo of the finished product can be another type of PDF file to sell.

Self-help eBooks

This genre of self-help eBooks is one of the most popular. Relationship topics like “How to Make Your Marriage Last” or “How to Find the Perfect Mate” are typically good sellers, but so are those related to achieving success in the financial or business world. Format your book into a PDF file and you’re ready to sell it online.

Fiction eBooks

It doesn’t matter the genre—mystery, horror, romance, sci-fi or young adult—you can create and sell digital PDF books without any help from a publisher. Poetry and memoirs can be created and sold in digital format as well.

Online digital services like and others make it easy to sell digital PDF files of almost any type without any hassle.

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