Sell Digital Fonts

Sell Digital Fonts

A great home business to make extra money is to sell digital fonts and other digital download products online. If you have artistic ability, create digital fonts. People and businesses often want a unique look for their written materials. You can create and sell fonts right from your own home computer.

Creating a font is not difficult for the average graphic artist. It involves creating a design, often on paper, scanning it and using various software programs to redraw it digitally. It’s then saved as a digital font file. Even if you create the font from scratch, make sure that you did not inadvertently make the same font as someone else by visiting a font foundry website. Use its search engine to help you determine whether the font is already out there.

How To Sell Digital Fonts

A large market exists for digital fonts. You must, however, find a way to connect with buyers and have a plan regarding who should run your e-commerce business. Although much simpler than opening a traditional store on a city street, you are still starting a business and need to make sure certain things are in place.

Your store—You need somewhere to sell your digital fonts. Create your own website, and link blogs and social media pages to it to increase traffic. You can also sell your font on other sites, too.

Payment processingYou need a way to accept payment, and the buying process should be streamlined and simple for the consumer. Having a shopping cart and a payment processing system, which accepts all kinds of credit cards, PayPal and e-checks, are important.

Digital deliveryMake sure that the customer receives the download immediately after payment. This needs to be a secure, fast method integrated with your payment processing system.

The easiest way for most people to sell digital products online is to set up an e-commerce operation and use a digital download delivery service. Digital download delivery companies, like, can store your product, take payments and deliver downloads. Many can do these functions from whatever site or sites you use to feature your digital fonts. Some, including PayLoadz, have their own digital store that you can use to sell your products.

Once you are ready to sell digital fonts, the difficult part is over. Getting the fonts online and out to the public is quick and easy.

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