Sell Digital EBooks

Sell Digital EBooks

To sell digital eBooks, you need to create the books or buy them from someone else. If you have the talent to write your own books, the profit will likely be greater, but you can buy the rights to many eBooks. Once you have the product, set up launching points, payment processing and digital delivery to get your business going.

Digital EBooks
Paper books are going the same direction as DVDs and CDs. Many people download entertainment, making sales skyrocket for online products. Digital eBooks are inexpensive to make and can be sold for a few dollars apiece over and over again with no production costs. If you want to write your own eBook but don’t have much experience in creative writing, choose topics of which you know, and write a small “how-to” book or instructional pamphlet.

Launching Points
You need a place to sell your products—a launching point. If you will sell many books, set up your own website as a store. Use blogs and social media to sell digital eBooks and to increase awareness about your titles. Some eBook sites sell books for you, usually for part of the profit.

E-commerce Setup
Selling online means you have a virtual business. You need to ensure that customers are taken care of and that your products are safe. This requires a good system to allow customers to choose your products, pay for them and get them digitally delivered in one easy transaction. The best way to do that is by using a digital download service  like that handles all those issues for you. Make sure the one you choose has certain features:

– Unlimited online storage for your digital products

– Advanced shopping cart with upselling options

– Integrated payment processing through PayPal or other reputable payment processors

– Secure, fast digital delivery

– Turnkey operation

The less time you deal with the e-commerce part of your business, the better. Once you have a good digital delivery system set up, you can focus on increasing your digital eBook inventory and on marketing your products.

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