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The Internet spawned a generation of successful entrepreneurs who can generate income through the sale of their products online. Whether you’re a musician with a new album, a digital artist marketing your latest masterpiece, an author with the next big novel or a software designer whose creations simplify common tasks, there’s a market for your product and a global audience of possible clients. Making money by selling your work as digital downloads online can be easier than you think. With an investment of time and a bit of dedication, you too can join the ranks of paid online content creators.


How Do I Sell Digital Downloads?

The first and most important step to creating your own online empire is creating high-quality digital products that fill a demand. Buggy software, eBooks in need of editing, poorly mastered albums and sloppy artwork won’t sell as well as polished, market-ready versions. When you’re satisfied that your product is as close to flawless as possible, the setup and marketing work begins.

  •  — Start a Blog – Because you won’t have the benefit of face-to-face interaction with potential clients, it’s a good idea to start and regularly update a blog. In it, you can discuss upcoming releases and other relevant material to keep your customer base informed. You can generate interest in new projects and ensure that each new release is met with enthusiasm.
  • — Build a Website – Think of your website as a virtual presence in the online marketplace, just as a storefront would be in a brick-and-mortar market district. It should be aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate and well maintained to sell digital downloads successfully.
  • — Make Social Networking Work For You – Social media makes it easier than ever to market products and promote your services. Using social media sites to raise brand visibility and interact with an entire audience of potential clients is one of the most popular and effective ways of promoting any digital product.
  •  — Choose a Content Delivery Service – One of the aspects that make purchasing a digital file more enticing than making the same physical media purchase is the ability to receive a purchase upon payment instantly. Rather than waiting for a physical copy, customers can access a download immediately. The enticement is lost, however, when customers don’t have instant access to their newly purchased product. The best way to ensure that your clients get the products they’ve purchased, even when you’re away from the computer or unreachable by email, is to work with a content delivery service like Such services streamline the process and deliver purchased files immediately, boosting customer satisfaction.


Offering your products as digital downloads online slashes overhead costs and creates an infinite stock; you never need to replenish your shelves or purchase new copies for distribution. By promoting your product whenever the opportunity presents itself and ensuring the highest possible quality, you too can make money from your creative efforts.


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