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The future of visual and audio products is in digital distribution; it replaces manufacturing, packaging and shipping. Almost anything you can see or hear can be put into digital form and sold directly from the Internet. Never has commerce been as easy or as profitable.

Who Can Sell Digital Downloads?

Anyone who has access to a computer and the Internet can become an online entrepreneur and sell digital downloads online. Decide which products you will sell. Some common digital downloads are:

  • EBooks
  • MP3 music
  • Software
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Digital documents

The idea is to come up with something you have that others would pay for. How-to videos, instructional guides, books, photos and all kinds of digital documents can be sold repeatedly. They are inexpensive to make and easy to deliver.

Setting Up Launch Points

To sell digital downloads online, you will need to have launch points. This is typically where most of your products will be sold. Launch points could be your website, blog or social media sites. Other places you could sell from would be sites that specialize in selling the types of downloads you want to market.

Service Provider To Sell Digital Downloads

Get started in the digital download business by partnering with a download service provider. Your provider can help you with the buying end of the transaction. Services such as offer secure delivery of your product to the customer, while securing the payment for you. Services typically include:

  • Secure, immediate download delivery to customers
  • Payment options such as PayPal and credit card processing
  • Ability to sell from any site and use its service
  • Secure online storage for your digital products
  • Acceptance of multi-currencies

Marketing Your Digital Downloads

One you get set up with a download service provider, you are ready to start uploading your products and marketing them to the world. Marketing is needed to get the word out regarding what you have to offer and to drive traffic to your website and other launch sites. Some marketing options are:

  • Pay-per-click ads
  • SEO article marketing
  • Website partnerships
  • Social media

The more ways you can get the word out about what you have to offer, the more successful you will be. Internet marketing is all about visibility. This happens by keeping your name and services in as many places as possible.

Learning to sell digital downloads can be a great way to earn extra income, or it could become a full-time business opportunity. It depends on the amount of products you have to sell and how much time you have to dedicate to the enterprise. Either way, selling digital downloads can be fun and profitable.


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