Sell Digital Art

Sell Digital Art

Starting slow with selling your digital art

Running your own company can be a challenging and rewarding choice. The best way for an artistic person to be his own boss is by selling digital art. How you can sell your digital art differs among people. It’s possible that you need help selling your art because you are more creative than business savvy. On the other hand, you may find you can sell your art without problems. There are options for both types of people. You can sell your digital art without a great deal of help by utilizing a digital sales and delivery platform like


Networking is one of the best ways to bring customers to you. Start by talking with family and friends. They can help you pass the word about your new endeavor to sell digital art. You can also use networking options online such as Facebook, Twitter and a blog. Create your own website, and link it to a blog and social media sites. Get on a schedule to update the sites. Print business cards and hand them out to anyone you meet.

Marketing Your Digital Art

Promote your art to sell it. It’s best to show the digital art you sell anywhere you can. Put your name on it, so that your blog, website and other outlets can link to you. Use virtual and digital venues available to you to post your art. There are free sites you can put your work on. They can accept payment for you, but it is usually better to advertise and direct people back to your main site to sell your digital art. Still, online resources that offer free posting of digital art provide you an avenue to advertise.

Quality Digital Art Is Needed

It might be fun to post a subpar picture you took of an interesting subject, but that’s not a good idea. It’s better to show your highest quality digital art only. If you show a lower quality, it can hurt your image. A customer might be entertained, but showing low-quality work is risky. Your customers need to see only the best results.

Find the Right Frame of Mind

Take yourself seriously. If you don’t project a competent, professional self to potential customers, your business can be hurt. People need to know you’re a legitimate artist. Publish catalogs, find critics to review your work, and list your accomplishments on your website, blog and other pages.

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