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How to succeed in digital art sales

Amateur photographers can become professionals as long as their products are worth selling. It’s best to try a test market before you begin to sell digital art online. Try a merchandise mart to see whether you gain an audience. Christmas is usually the best time to display your wares. If you have a specific target market, find out where they may hang out and bring samples with you. If you can handle a small local market, you can sell your art online.

Affiliate or Free Photo Sites

Affiliate and free photo sites allow you to upload your digital art online. You can put in any price you wish, display the art in full size, thumbnail size or with a tag over the picture so that it cannot be printed without purchasing. Sites like this typically do the marketing for you. The page layout is in a template style, though you may have a couple of templates from which to choose. It’s basic and easy to set up. iStockPhoto, Deviant Art, ShutterFly and other sites exist where you can create a login to sell digital art online.

There are drawbacks to these types of websites. Most create a page for you with your business name, but their company name comes right after. This makes a long URL that is difficult to remember. The positive side is saving money otherwise spent on your website domain and hosting fees. You also save on marketing because these sites do that for you. You might need to pay, however, to receive the best marketing.

Setting Up Your Own Website

It is often in your best interest to purchase a domain name and have your own site. Some inexpensive packages allow you to do both: obtain a domain name and an easy-to-remember URL to sell digital art online. You have a choice in how to format the site for your digital art. You might have several subjects, such as landscape and wildlife that you further break into categories based on regions of the world. It’s a good idea to have a page for each destination and photo type. For example, you wouldn’t want to put landscape and wildlife on the same page. Graphic design art such as illustrations or anime characters would also need to be separated.

Your own website allows you a larger choice in terms of payment options, too. When you sell art online, it’s possible to use PayPal, credit cards, debit cards and checking account payment options. It’s best to have multiple payment choices so that your clients can decide which payment method is best for them. can provide you with a full checkout, payment and delivery system for your website that is extremely easy to setup and use that offers all these options and more. Sell your digital art, and gain from your art.

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