Sell Comics as Ebooks for Profit and Exposure

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For the artists and writers behind comics and graphic novels, breaking into the business via traditional publishers can be an almost insurmountable challenge. Before the advent of the Internet and all the technological advances of the last decade, many comic creators resorted to the independent publishing of physical copies, which requires a significant up-front investment for printing and distribution. These days, artists and writers have the opportunity to sell comics as ebooks, with limited overhead costs and an almost unlimited audience potential.

How to Sell Comics as Ebooks

The first step to selling your comics online is to format them properly. While there are many file format options available, one of the most popular is the PDF file. It can be opened by most tablets and computers, which means your customers are able to read the comics they’ve purchased at home or on the go. CBZ file formats are also popular among comic enthusiasts, which is easily created and distributed. For many artists who sell comics as ebooks online, the best solution is offering your product in a variety of formats and allowing your customers to choose the one which is most appealing to them.

After you’ve created your files and formatted them appropriately, you’ll need to find a way to actually sell your ebooks online. For some, this may be a personal website with e-commerce software and payment processing capabilities. For most, however, a digital download delivery service like is preferred. Using a content delivery service allows your customers to receive instant access to the comics they’ve purchased, and the peace of mind which comes with using trusted payment processing options like Google Wallet or PayPal.

Marketing Your Comics

When you choose to independently sell comics as ebooks online, you keep the profits which would ordinarily go back to your publisher. You have a global reach, and can potentially sell comics to buyers around the world. However, distribution and promotion are also your responsibility. This is where you’ll want to start building your online presence, mastering the art of social media marketing and making sure your target audience knows about your product. Consider giving away the first few pages as a teaser to generate interest. Join online communities and talk about your comics. Get the word out there, and you may be surprised by just how much money you’re making off your independent, self-publishing efforts.


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