Sell Clipart and Other Digital Goods to Start a Digital Scrapbooking Business

Sell Your Digital Items

Like so many hobbies which once exclusively required physical products, scrapbooking has evolved to include a digital counterpart. Through photo editing software, layout programs and graphic element packs, scrapbooking enthusiasts can create digital versions of memory pages which can then be printed and added to a physical book, or stored only as digital products. No glue, no tedious work with scissors and no physical storage space requirements for large numbers of papers and other products apply; instead, these hobbyists rely on graphic artists and designers to supply and sell clipart, along with digital paper packs and other images.

How Can Graphic Artists Sell Clipart to Digital Scrapbookers?

While some digital scrapbookers may purchase individual elements, most hobbyists with some experience do prefer to buy full scrapbook packs. These include not only clipart and small graphic elements, but also paper packs for backgrounds and frame overlay images which coordinate in order to allow users to create customized, coordinated pages. Graphic designers who are willing to produce these packs can sell clipart as part of a comprehensive set, building a full line of potentially lucrative products to sell digital goods.

Themed packs are among the most popular sellers for many content creators who sell images as part of a digital scrapbooking business. Seasonal packs, those which commemorate major holidays and those which are designed to compliment common photo themes are wise choices, especially for new business owners who are just starting to build a product catalog. Themes for occasions like first birthday parties, weddings, birth announcements and other major lifetime milestones should be among the most commonly produced packages in your store if you’re planning to sell clipart images to digital scrapbookers. It’s also wise to offer each pack in a variety of colors, in order to better appeal to a wide range of personal tastes.

How to Get Started

Building an online business doesn’t have to be an insurmountable task. While some content creators and online merchants do choose to build their own websites from scratch and manually process transactions, there is an easier, more efficient and more effective method available.

Total ecommerce platforms like allow you to turn almost any website into a sales page. With simple HTML code, your social media profiles, personal blog and personal site can all facilitate quick, easy transactions and instant content delivery. Look for programs which not only offer payment processing through trusted companies like PayPal and Google Wallet when you sell digital goods, but also those which provide automated order fulfillment to ensure prompt delivery of files to your clients after purchase. With the right ecommerce platform as support and strong products, you can sell images and start making money sooner than you may think.


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