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When you’re an author with market-ready material who doesn’t want to work with a traditional publishing house, where do you turn for a viable solution? Financing a single printing run of a self-published book can be prohibitively expensive, and working with some of the major eBook marketplaces can require you to relinquish a substantial amount of control over pricing and distribution. Instead of limiting your options, why not open up a new world as a self-published author with your own web store? Getting started is easier than you may think, and the rewards more satisfying than you might expect.

How PayLoadz Helps You Sell Books Online

If you’re like many new authors, interest in self-publishing goes beyond a simple desire to bypass finding a publisher. You want full control, both creatively and financial, over the product you’ve created. While the big eBook marketplaces offer an avenue for getting your work out to a large audience, many impose some restrictions which effectively limit your control and your reach. For instance, choosing some publishing options through markets like the Amazon Kindle store means you’re not able to sell books online through any other systems, so you’re only able to reach customers who own Kindle devices or smartphone apps. These plans may also force you to surrender pricing control, so you’re not able to sell outside of the Kindle market or set your own prices. While this can be one of the more popular choices for many authors, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. If you want to reach more readers, set your own prices and manage your own business, there’s another way.

High quality eCommerce platform solutions like allow you to sell books online to a wide customer base, determine a pricing structure that works for you and stay in control of your business. When you make your product available in a range of file formats suited to all the most popular eReader devices, you’re able to capture a wider cross-section of the market and reach potential buyers who may not browse the major markets.

Benefits of Choosing an eCommerce Platform to Sell Books Online

You’re an author, but you’re also a business owner. This means you have to make decisions which honor your art, but which also help you boost the bottom line. Working with a reliable eCommerce platform streamlines your entire business operation, allowing you access to secure file hosting, safe payment processing and automated content delivery in a snap. When you’re not charged with maintaining these complex systems, you’re free to run a booming online business while taking advantage of valuable marketing tools offered by your eCommerce service provider, like affiliate networks and marketplace listing. Before you take the plunge into an exclusive direct self-publishing deal, explore all your options. You may find it more lucrative and more rewarding to maintain your own business, your own webstore and your own product marketing.

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