Sell Books Online: Perks of Self-Publishing

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Are you ready to watch your career take flight? As an author, you don’t have to rely upon literary agents, publishers and editors who collect the lion’s share of your earnings. When you take advantage of the many tools and services designed to help you sell books online successfully, you’re perfectly positioned to build your own career. You keep the profits, you manage your career and you make the decisions. Staying in the driver’s seat isn’t just a great way to earn more money; it’s also the best way to protect your brand and your future. Find out why.

Protecting Your Brand: Sell Books Online Independently

Signing with a high-profile publisher is the only way to build a legitimate career as an author, right? Actually, this isn’t quite the case anymore. Before the rise in popularity of eReader devices and dedicated smartphone apps, self-publishing was an expensive gamble for most authors. Where once authors were forced to fund each printing run and work to get their books into stores, today’s promising entrepreneurs are in a different boat. Easy-to-use tools and intuitive publishing services make it easy and inexpensive to sell books online. You don’t have to foot the bill for a printing run, you never have to replenish stock and overhead costs are negligible.

When you self-publish, you’re also in a position to protect your brand. Because you control the marketing and your creative property, there’s never any danger of damage to your brand by unscrupulous marketing departments or overzealous editors. You call the shots, so you’re able to make sure your brand is presented in exactly the manner you choose. When you work with a dedicated eCommerce platform, you’re also able to do all of this with almost no startup investment. Systems like make entering the market on a shoestring budget not only feasible, but easy and potentially lucrative.

Why You Need an eCommerce Platform to Sell Books Online

One of the most common reasons why self-published authors struggle to find success is the long road to profitability after overinvesting. Spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a professional website packed with complex tools means you’ll have to sell more books to simply break even, let alone turn a profit. Choosing a direct publishing option through a major eBook marketplace may seem like a better choice at first blush, but this can result in a loss of control similar to a traditional publisher, without the boost of a dedicated marketing department. Most plans hinge upon exclusivity agreements which prevent you from trying to sell books online in any other manner, so your audience is immediately limited to owners of a single device or shoppers in a single marketplace.

Running your own web store built to sell books online without corporate support is, for most authors, the single most effective way to launch an independent career. Get started today, so you can establish your brand and start building a reader base.

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