Sell Book Files in Audio Format to Boost Profits

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Are you working tirelessly to promote your eBooks because you think they’re the only source of revenue available to self-published authors? You may be missing out on the chance to dramatically increase sales and profits. Too many new authors think they can only sell books in a digital format, but this isn’t always the case. Audio books can be inexpensive and relatively easy to produce, and are a great way to attract audiences which may be otherwise out of reach.

Why You Should Sell Book Products in Audio

There are a number of reasons why audio books are attractive to a wide range of buyers around the world. For busy commuters, listening to an audio book is the best way to stay entertained and engaged during a long drive. Fitness buffs may not be able to hold on to an eReader during a strenuous workout, but they can always take advantage of hands-free reading time. People with difficulty reading, or those with a long to-do list filled with hands-on tasks can become your most loyal customer base. While a number of self-published authors are choosing to sell book files in a number of formats to capture a larger audience share, this is still a rare enough product offering to set you apart from the masses in a proprietary eBook marketplace.

Build your business outside of the major marketplaces, using tools and services designed for the self-motivated digital merchant, and you can sell book-related digital products with ease.

How an eCommerce Platform Helps You Sell Book Products

The first stop for many authors new to self-publishing is a major marketplace. While these digital storefronts do offer a large audience, there are a number of limitations which can hamper your efforts. Plans which offer the greatest share of your profits are often accompanied by exclusivity restrictions, so you will not be able to sell book files to any customers outside of a specific device family. These marketplaces also do not typically offer audio book support, further limiting your sales potential.

Starting and maintaining your own web store may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be an unmanageable chore. Systems like are created expressly to support independent web merchants with a variety of vital tools and services. Payments are processed through trusted names like PayPal and Google Wallet. Secure file hosting keep your products safe, so you can sell book products instead of spending time to stamp out piracy. Your content is instantly delivered to customers immediately upon purchase, so you don’t have to manually share download links. Manage your own store, and start earning money doing what you love today.

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