Sell Book and Audio Book Files Yourself

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Have you ever stumbled across a self-published author’s web store, and wondered how they manage to sell book files so efficiently? If it seems like too much work for too little in return, there’s a good chance you’re looking at online sales from the wrong perspective. You don’t need to work around the clock or invest a small fortune into getting started, you just need the right service partners. As an independent author, you’re able to keep far more of your earnings while retaining full control over your work. Why settle for pennies on each sale through a traditional publishing contract, or sacrifice control over to a team of editors? When you stay in the driver’s seat, you’re able to call the shots while earning more and building your own brand.

Tools You Need to Sell Book and Audio Files

Whether you’re planning to offer audio books as companions or you’d rather sell book files exclusively, there are systems and tools to help you achieve your goals with minimal startup funding and no stress. Dedicated eCommerce platforms like, for instance, integrate each and every thing you need to keep your business running at an affordable price. Payments are processed through trusted names like PayPal and Google Wallet, which are seamlessly integrated into an overall sales system. Your files are hosted securely, and immediately delivered to your buyers upon completing transactions. If you can cut and paste simple HTML code, you can turn a free blog site or an easy, inexpensive template site into your sales hub. This allows you to sell book and audio book files from a low-cost portal, rather than sinking thousands of dollars into a custom website. When you choose a high-quality service provider, you’ll also have access to zero-risk marketing tools.

How Marketing Helps You Sell Book Files

You can’t sell to an audience who doesn’t know you exist, so good marketing is a vital component of your overall business plan. When most new merchants think of marketing, sponsored social media posts and banner ads come to mind. These are not only expensive, but also completely without guarantee. You’ll spend just as much for a failed campaign as you will for one that yields results, essentially gambling away what marketing budget you have.

Affiliate networks, which are built in to the better eCommerce platforms, connect you with marketers who will actively promote your products. Since they only get paid when they make a sale, they have a built-in incentive to aggressively market your brand. Since you’re only paying for marketing when it works, there’s no risk and no lost funding.

Get ready to sell book files in your own web store today. You might find the journey to self-publishing to be a rewarding one, both emotionally and financially.

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