Sell Book and Audio Book Files in Your Own Online Store

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To sell book and audio book files online, you need a publishing deal and an expensive literary agent, right? Actually, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. More and more of today’s successful author brands are established by people who choose not to work with major publishing houses or agents. These successful entrepreneurs have taken matters into their own hands. By managing every aspect of their brands, from market placement to customer service, today’s independent authors are earning greater shares of their earnings while retaining full control over their work. Before you seek out a publishing contract which will likely only leave you with a tiny fraction of your total earnings, limited reprinting rights and minimized creative control, explore other options.

How Do I Sell Book and Audio Files?

In order to sell book files, or even audio book recordings of your work, you’ll need to make sure you’re able to meet a few demands. First, both you and your customers will require a safe and reliable way to make and process purchases. Services like PayPal and Google Wallet make it easy for your customers to pay for their files, and for you to process transactions securely. You’ll also need file hosting you can rely upon, along with a system for automating content delivery. It’s simply not feasible to monitor sales alerts around the clock in order to manually fulfill orders. You need an automated system to maintain high customer service ratings.

You can seek these services out separately, but managing several separate services will require a significant time investment. This can make it much more difficult to finish and release new products, which in turn impacts your entire business model. After all, you can’t continue to sell book or audio book files if you’re not able to expand your catalog. For greater success, convenience and efficiency, choosing a comprehensive eCommerce platform is the best option. Services like are designed to seamlessly integrate payment processing, file hosting, automated content delivery and even valuable marketing tools in a single package.

Should I Sell Book Files Through a Major Marketplace?

When most people think of independently releasing their books, major marketplaces like the Amazon Kindle Store come to mind. While these can be valuable sources of revenue, it’s important to carefully examine any plan and contract options before making a decision. Many proprietary marketplaces make earning higher shares of profits and priority placement contingent upon exclusivity. This means you’re only allowed to sell book files through their market, and only capable of reaching their customer base. Choosing non-exclusive options may leave you earning less of the money generated by your sales, but allows you to manage your own web store to reach a wide variety of customers. You can also produce and sell audio books, which is not typically an option through proprietary marketplaces. Take control of your own future; manage your own store, sell book files yourself, and establish your brand today.

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