Sell Audio Books to Earn Money and Build Your Business

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Did you know that you could start earning money and building your business by selling audio books online? Audio books are a popular retail item that can be converted into a digital product that is inexpensive to create and lucrative to sell. Selling audio books as digital downloads could be the idea you have been waiting for to start making a substantial income right from your computer.

What You Need to Sell Audio Books

Many people prefer audio books, especially in today’s busy world. They are a great way to pass time sitting in traffic or many people listen to books while they do their daily exercise routine. Audio books can be about any subject, fiction or non-fiction, and sold directly online for digital download.

So how do you get started selling audio books? There are a few ways people can break into this industry. The most obvious sector is freelance writers that have been itching to write their own book or maybe already have books they have written. Not only can these books be sold online as eBooks, they can also be converted into a MP3 file as an audio book. This can create a bigger audience for your book, reaching those that would rather listen than read.

If you are not a writer but have knowledge that would be great in an eBook or audio book, consider hiring a ghost writer. They can take your ideas and information and put it into professional form, all written under your name. You can then self-publish your book to sell online in both written and audio form.

Another option is recording someone else’s book. This a bit more complicated as you must make sure to secure the legal rights to use and distribute the material. Self-published authors of eBooks may be the most approachable and agreeable to exploring a partnership with an audio book seller. Another option is to record written material that is public domain and open for distribution.

Getting Your Audio Books Online

Once you have audio books to sell, you need to have a way to distribute and market your products online. The quickest and easiest way to get started is by using an online distribution service like You can sell your audio books right on their digital store, plus they handle accepting payment and digital delivery of your products. In addition, they include turn-key marketing to help promote your products, including affiliate marketing programs.

Are you ready to get started building your business by selling audio books? Start creating your audio books today and begin earning money in this quickly growing realm of online digital download sales. With the help of an eCommerce service, you can make money while you sleep as your audio books sell 24/7 to customers all over the world.

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