Sell Audio Books to Capture an Underserved Audience

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You know all about the self-publishing industry’s meteoric rise with the advent of ereader devices, but did you know there’s also been an explosion in the popularity of audio books? There are many reasons why book lovers opt for audio versions of the next item on their to-be-read list. From disorders like dyslexia to the need to keep both hands free while focusing on a task, there are dozens of motivating factors behind the increase in audio book popularity. What was once available only in bulky physical formats can now be downloaded in MP3 form and played through a smartphone or portable device with ease, spawning a cottage industry. Unfortunately, too many self-published authors neglect this potentially lucrative revenue stream.

Why Self-Published Authors Fail to Offer Audio Books

Just as there are myriad reasons for consumers to love audio books, there are a host of equally compelling reasons why some self-published authors don’t offer them. Some don’t trust their own speaking voice and are hesitant to hire professional voice actors. Some simply don’t realize the untapped earning potential. Most, however, just overlook this section of their potential audience. Fortunately for you, this leaves plenty of room in the marketplace for enterprising self-published authors.

What You Need to Know About Selling Audio Books

You don’t necessarily have to be an author in order to sell audio books. There are thousands of classics in the public domain you can record and sell, though you will face a fair amount of competition. If you are a self-published author, however, you absolutely should not be overlooking the potential impact of audio book companion products.

The key to success when it comes to selling both self-published ebooks and audio books is choosing the right tools and services for the job. You don’t have to rely upon proprietary device marketplaces like Amazon’s Kindle Store, which offers limited support for audio books. You can and should set up your own webstore. This doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands on a professional website capable of processing your transactions, though.

A dedicated ecommerce platform service like allows you to turn any site or social media profile into a sales portal. Whether you sell audio books, ebooks or a combination of the two, these services are indispensable to the modern self-published author. With a few clicks, you can set up an integrated system which combines safe payment processing with secure file hosting and automated content delivery. By taking these tedious but vital tasks out of your hands, the right ecommerce platform allows you to spend more time focusing on your work, and how to best serve a portion of the market all too often ignored by other authors.


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