Sell Audio Books Online: Getting Started

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Audio books have long been a popular choice for book lovers as a hands-free and distraction-free way to absorb information, but the advent of portable MP3 devices and smartphones capable of media storage has increased the popularity of audio books exponentially. For enterprising authors interested in self-publishing their works, it can be possible to increase sales traffic and revenue by choosing to sell audio books online as companions to self-published ebooks.

What You Need to Sell Audio Books

While ebooks can be formatted for distribution with relative ease, creating audio books will require a bit more work. The first tool in your arsenal should be an audio editing program of reasonable quality which will allow you to record, edit and polish the audio tracks generated during reading sessions.

Authors with strong speaking voices may choose to read their own works, which can be an effective way of limiting startup investment costs. Others, however, may choose to hire a trained voice actor for a more polished and professional sound quality. This will require you to contract the services of an outside party, but can be a worthy investment in terms of increased sales and merchant reputation. Ultimately, the choice to keep operations in-house or hire a professional voice actor is one which requires careful consideration of all involved factors, and will be largely dictated by the needs of your unique situation.

How to Sell Audio Books Online

After recording, audio books should be edited into manageable track sizes to allow for ease of use in portable playback devices. With a finished product in hand, all that’s left is finding the appropriate tools for transaction processing and order fulfillment. Some authors and creators of audio books do choose to build their own websites from the ground up, but the most efficient option for the majority of content creators is to select an ecommerce solution which combines all of the crucial elements in one platform, like A strong ecommerce platform choice allows you to virtually delegate tasks related to transaction processing, from payment collection to automated file delivery. Your customers will have immediate access to the audio books they’ve purchased and payments processed easily, allowing you more freedom and time to focus on creating new material.

By choosing to sell audio books, either as stand-alone products or companions to self-published ebooks, you can expand your product line and professional web presence.


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