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The Internet is an infinitely valuable source of information, but it’s also dependent upon quality content to provide that information. Great online articles don’t appear out of nowhere; they’re written by content creators who may or may not make money for their efforts. If you’re a writer who’s knowledge base allows you to contribute high-quality content, you can make money by learning to sell articles as digital downloads on the Internet.

Who Buys When I Sell Articles?

Some sites and blogs publish content exclusively written by their own teams, but many outsource the work in order to keep a constant flow of new content maintained. You may be able to contract with these sites in order to write content on the subject matter they’ve chosen, but you can also sell articles you’ve already written as a digital download.

The key to success when you’re beginning to sell articles is to create what’s known as “evergreen” content. This means you should be writing articles which are factual and accurate, but will also not become dated within a few years’ time. You want to create content which will seem fresh and accurate in five years as it does the day it’s written, to write articles which aren’t likely to expire. Consider the areas in which you have some expertise, and start writing what you know. You’re uniquely positioned to write and sell articles on one or more interesting subjects, and there is a website or blogger out there who will be interested in your work.

Sell Articles as Digital Downloads

Some articles sold online are purchased from contractors who are hired to write a specific article on the client’s chosen subject. Others are written by the author to their own specification, and then sold to others for guest posts or as ghost-written content.

To sell articles as digital downloads, you’ll need a fairly sizable catalog of content from which your clients can choose. You’ll also need to secure your work, so it can’t be copied and pasted to be posted without your permission.

Hosting your content to sell articles through an e-commerce solution gives your clients access to articles they’ve purchased immediately after completing a transaction. You can offer secured PDF files as free samples to protect your property while allowing potential customers to read over the content before making a purchasing decision. Your paid files can be digital downloads of the same articles, unlocked for editing and posting.

E-Commerce and Digital Downloads

To sell articles as digital downloads, an e-commerce platform like is an ideal choice. These services allow you to post your secured and unsecured content, make it available to prospective buyers and eliminate manual delivery. Your clients will peruse and pay for articles at their own pace, while you collect the proceeds from your sales. This gives you more time to work on your next batch of articles, and to promote your existing catalog.

With a trusted e-commerce platform and the determination to make a success out of your business venture, you can sell articles as digital downloads and monetize your talents in new ways.


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