Sell Apps without Major App Stores

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Smartphones are becoming a ubiquitous fact of life, with more and more people carrying these powerful devices on their person at all times. While this can mean more convenience for smartphone owners, it also opens up opportunities for independent app producers to make money and sell apps. The massive demands for these products are being partially met by proprietary app stores, but this doesn’t mean developers are restricted to the practices of a dedicated sales platform. Releasing a product outside of major app stores is certainly possible, provided you know how to go about the process.

Reasons to Release Products Outside of App Stores

There are good reasons to release and sell apps through a dedicated app store, but there are also some considerable drawbacks. Time is one of the most pressing issues, and it affects your business in several different ways when you choose to sell apps through a dedicated marketplace. Lengthy approvals processes can significantly delay the release of your products from the outset, and these time-related issues can persist for the duration of your experience.

Issuing updates takes longer when they must be approved, so any bugs or glitches which can affect customer perception take longer to address, often leading to negative feedback which may affect your ability to sell apps in the future. Interacting directly with your customers, offering personalized support or issuing refunds can also be a challenge. In short, the amount of time it takes to go through the proper channels with app stores can directly affect your reputation and sales potential in negative ways.

Sell Apps Independently: Exploring the Alternative

While you will be able to manage your own timeline, keep more of your sales revenue and retain greater control over the finished product when you sell apps independently, you’ll need to plan carefully in order to compensate for the loss of delivery, payment processing and marketing features. Immediately upon release, your independently developed and sold applications will have less visibility in the marketplace than they would if you sold through app stores. This doesn’t mean your applications won’t sell, just that you’ll have to work harder in terms of marketing and promotion. You’ll also have to develop a system of content delivery and payment processing which allows for quick, smooth transactions.

The vast majority of developers who seek to release outside of the big app stores will fare better when they use a consolidated system like Instead of managing a web store, manually processing sales and risking late product delivery, you’ll have access to built-in automated content delivery, along with payment processing through trusted names like PayPal and Google Wallet. You’ll also be able to access a powerful affiliate network, which increases your reach and can help to compensate for the loss of traffic through app store browsing.

Your applications don’t have to be scrutinized and micromanaged by major app stores. With some determination and a bit of basic knowledge, you can release outside of app stores and build a thriving online business.


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