Sell Apps Independently to Retain More Control

How To Sell Software Online

The smartphone or tablet you carry every day is an impressive example of human ingenuity, but its functionality and appeal lies in the applications you’ve downloaded than the actual hardware. As more developers realize just how lucrative these programs are, more and more are choosing to sell apps. While many will opt for the perceived convenience of a proprietary app store release, most don’t realize how much control they relinquish by doing so. If you’re looking for a way to sell apps without bowing to the whims of corporate marketplaces, an independent release may be just the ticket.

Why Sell Apps Independently?

To understand why many developers choose to sell apps through a proprietary marketplace rather than releasing independently, it’s important to understand the power of perception. Many of these professionals perceive a major market release to offer greater convenience and efficiency. After all, payments are processed through the system, downloads are automated and there’s no need to get involved with daily operations at all. Sounds great, right? Well, in exchange for all of this convenience, you’ll have to be prepared to relinquish more than a bit of your control over the finished product, pricing and promotions.

All of the benefits new merchants associate with the major app marketplaces can easily be replicated for independent merchants with the right tools and services. By building a business plan which includes reputable service partners, you can reap all the benefits of a marketplace release while still controlling every aspect of your app’s design, pricing structure and updates.

How to Sell Apps without Marketplace Support

To reap the benefits of easy payment processing, secure file hosting and automated download delivery without sacrificing control, all you need is a great ecommerce platform. Services like automate every step of the sales process, taking the responsibility for these vital steps out of your hands and making them foolproof. Because you’ll control the products in your web store, you’re able to offer promotional pricing and content updates as you see fit. No more operating at the whims of a corporate conglomerate, just pure control over your property.

Before releasing and selling apps through the more obvious avenues, consider the benefits of an independent release. You may find it’s more suited to your needs than the crowded, heavily managed atmosphere of a proprietary device marketplace.


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