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Do you count yourself among the many hopeful authors looking for their big break? Have you dreamed of publishing your work for the world to see, but found it difficult to navigate the world of traditional publishing? If so, you’re not alone. As eReader devices and smartphone apps dedicated to reading continue to increase in popularity, more and more authors are taking control of their catalog by skipping publishers and literary agents altogether. When you make the decision to self-publish an eBook download, you’re doing more than just getting your work out there for the world to enjoy. You’re also making sure you retain full creative control, publishing rights and profits from your product. Don’t settle for pennies from each sale; sell your books yourself.

What Do I Need to Sell an eBook Download

Some of the biggest obstacles for new online merchants to overcome are simply their own misconceptions. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need an expensive and complex website built for you by a high-priced professional. You can net the same results using a free blog site and an active social media presence, but only if you have the right tools for the job.

First and foremost, you need a reliable method of collecting payment from your buyers. After all, you can’t turn a profit if you can’t get paid. Your customers expect to pay for their eBook download products through means they trust and with which they feel comfortable, so opt for systems which integrate notable names like PayPal and Google Wallet. You’ll also need secure file hosting, and automated content delivery. It’s simply not possible to manually fulfill each and every order in a timely fashion, and online buyers aren’t willing to wait. They’ve come to expect the kind of instant service you can only provide with eBook download automation. Finally, you’ll also need a marketing plan. You can’t sell books to people who don’t know about them, and your own organic reach only extends to a certain point. If you want customers from around the world, you’ll have to look outside of your own circle.

Combining all of your needs and those of your customers doesn’t have to mean dealing with a wide variety of online service providers. Comprehensive eCommerce platform service providers like are designed to facilitate sales each and every step of the way.

Where to Sell an eBook Download

For many authors, proprietary eBook marketplaces seem like the most logical place to sell an eBook download. While these marketplaces will lend you a bit of exposure, working with them often comes at a price. Many plans require an exclusivity agreement, which means you can only sell your work through a single avenue. This immediately leaves owners of other branded devices out of reach, and restricts your earning capability. The best and most effective option is to choose non-exclusive contracts through proprietary marketplaces, then run your own web store. With the help of a great eCommerce service provider, you’re positioned to quickly and easily enter the market. Get your work out there today, and start earning money while building your audience and making your dreams come true.

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