Self-Publishing to Start Your Ebook Download Business: What You Should Know

Selling Books Online

More than ever, today’s bookworm enjoys their favorite novels on electronic devices. Dedicated ereader devices and smartphones with reading apps make it easier and more convenient than ever before to carry hundreds of books in your pocket. While many of these ebook download products are distributed by major publishing companies, many more are sold by self-published authors with a bit of online sales know-how.

Helping Your Ebook Sell

It goes without saying that you’ll need a great product if you want to start a successful ebook download business. This means thorough editing, professional-level formatting and a quality cover image. What you may not realize, though, is how important your delivery and sales system is when you’re trying to help an ebook sell.

The ease of access afforded by proprietary device marketplaces and cloud delivery is one of the reasons why ebook download products are so popular. Still, getting your ebook into these marketplaces with priority placement can require exclusivity agreements which limit how much and how well you can continue selling ebooks. Even though these systems allow you to reach the owners of a particular device with relative ease, the restrictive programs mean you’re immediately limited to only those readers. Non-exclusive placement in several proprietary marketplaces is a better solution, but there’s one surefire way to help your ebook sell by supplementing those dedicated-device sales: starting your own ebook download business.

Perks of Starting Your Own Ebook Download Business

There’s nothing wrong with proprietary marketplace placement. In fact, selling your ebook through markets like the Barnes and Noble Nook store or Amazon’s Kindle Store gives you a direct line to a number of readers. Even if you place in all of the available proprietary markets, you’re still limiting your audience and sales potential. The best way to help jumpstart your ebook download business is to also get your independent, device-neutral web store off the ground.

This is where a system like comes in handy. A dedicated ecommerce platform provider gives you all of the perks that come with device market placement, like hands-off payment processing and instant download delivery, while still allowing you to retain control. Before you choose a single marketplace and agree to an exclusive sales arrangement, weigh your independent options. With a reputable ecommerce provider at your side, you can watch your ebook sell, and your bottom line grow.


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