Self-Publish More Than an E-Book Download

Sell MP3 Downloads

When you think of self-publishing in digital format, an e-book download is likely the only product that comes to mind. What many independent authors don’t realize is that they do have the ability to expand their product offerings while building their author brand with audio books. You don’t need access to a limitless budget to get started, either. If you have a reasonably pleasant speaking voice and access to inexpensive or even free audio editing software, you have everything you need to take your e-book business to the next level.

Thinking Outside the E-Book Download Box

There are a number of reasons why people eagerly purchase audio books. Long drive times, extensive household work, difficulty reading and impaired vision are just a few examples of situations where audio books are simply a better fit.

One area where many self-published authors struggle to compete with their traditionally-published peers is the availability of audio books, though. In fact, a surprising number of authors overlook this potentially lucrative revenue stream altogether, thinking it too expensive and too much of a hassle to develop. To further complicate matters, the mass e-book retail outlets which offer simple direct publishing do not offer audio book support.

For authors who crave true independence and the freedom to explore more creative sales pursuits, establishing and maintaining a self-sustaining digital publishing company is ideal. This allows you to turn anything from a social media profile to a free blog site into a sales portal, provided you partner with a high-quality eCommerce platform. Services like make it easy to manage every aspect of your online business, even when it comes to large audio book files.

How to Sell Your Audio and E-Book Download Bundles

Bundling audio and e-book products for one reasonable price immediately sets you apart from the rest of your self-published competition, putting you on the same playing field as the competition backed by corporate publishers. Taking an innovative approach to branding by offering these products doesn’t have to be a nightmare, either. Choosing a strong eCommerce platform allows you access to the same secure file hosting and automated download delivery you’d find for smaller e-book files, with a similarly low pricing structure.

To further boost revenue, choose an eCommerce provider who offers free access to a build-in affiliate network program. These systems connect you with marketing professionals around the world who will eagerly promote your audio and e-book download bundles, in exchange for a small commission. This means they only get paid when you make a sale, and you’re never required to risk money up front on unproven prepaid ads. Get started today, and take your independent publishing imprint to the next level.

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