Securely Distribute Your Digital Download

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So you decided that you want to start a digital download business. Whether you decided to sell books, photos, documents or videos, you have an important step to cover. Not only do you need to accept payments from your customers, you need to be able to securely distribute your digital download once it is paid for by the customer, 24/7, 365 days a year. Here is how to get set up for digital delivery for your new business.

Digital Download Delivery

There are several elements that are important when creating a digital download delivery system. This is a crucial factor in the success of any business selling downloads online. Here are some of the factors that need to be considered when deciding what type of delivery system to use:

  • It must be automatic. Your delivery system must be connected to your payment processing; once the payment is made for the product, an automatic delivery of the download to the customer must take place.
  • Security. You don’t want anyone to be able to hack your downloads and steal them due to poor security. Digital downloads need to be encrypted and safeguarded from unscrupulous attempts to gain access to your files.
  • It should be affordable and easy to manage. You don’t want to have to spend a small fortune on a delivery system for your downloads, nor do you want to have to constantly manage the process.

So how to you find a secure, easy and affordable distribution program for your digital download business? Make it easy and sign up for an eCommerce service. Services like offer professional distribution of digital downloads as part of their eCommerce service. They have tight security and encryption for your deliveries and do all the daily work for you. In addition, services like PayLoadz will take care of other aspects of selling digital downloads online, such as:

  • Payment processing
  • Digital storefront on their website
  • Unlimited digital storage
  • Affiliate marketing programs

The best part is you can use this type of service to handle the processing and delivery of your downloads from multiple sales sites, like your social media pages, eBay, your website and any other platforms you use for your digital download business. You can sign up and get started today and start watching your bank account grow as your eCommerce service collects payments and delivers your digital products 24/7. It is the easiest way to get your digital downloads delivered safely and securely!

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