Sales Tools: Using a Shopping Cart for Digital Downloads

Digital Delivery Shopping Cart

If you’re just starting your online business, the number of e-commerce tools at your disposal can be downright overwhelming. From payment processing and transaction management software to delivery systems, there’s no shortage of software, scripts and other tools to help you make the most of your business. One of the most valuable tools of all is a shopping cart for digital downloads.


Why do I need a shopping cart for digital downloads?

If you plan to offer a variety of files, view each visitor as a potential buyer of several products. This holds true especially if you create niche products that cater to an underserved audience. While many customers are hesitant to complete a series of transactions, most are not hesitant to and add any products that strike their fancy to a shopping cart for digital downloads for later purchase. Because customers can add or delete items to the cart and then complete the transaction one time, they’re more likely to shop with you. If customers need to complete a separate transaction for each file, a time-consuming hassle, they might have second thoughts before payment is remitted. A shopping cart for digital downloads should be high on your list of priorities. Adding a shopping cart for digital downloads, or at least ensuring that your customers have access to one, lends your business an air of credibility and solidity, which can inspire trust and increase customer comfort.


Do I need to build a website for my customers to access a shopping cart for digital downloads?

Plenty of e-commerce software shopping cart solutions exist for digital downloads on your website, but other options that don’t require you to build or maintain a personal website also exist. Using a content delivery service like allows your customers to add files to a digital shopping cart at their leisure, completing one dedicated transaction at the end of their shopping session. also manages all your payment processing needs. It accepts payment through a number of trusted processing sources and deposits funds directly in your designated account. Your customers’ shopping carts will be processed, and they will receive instant delivery of the content they’ve purchased. They don’t need to wait for shipping and handling, to deal with bulky packages or to wait for a digital goods seller to check sales alerts and send a download link. Using’s shopping cart for digital downloads connected to its content delivery and processing services allows you to streamline your business so that you can concentrate on promoting your existing products and create new additions to your online storefront.


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